When Legends Gather #9

Criswell and Mae West


swac said...

Tom, I take it you've heard Mae West sing the tune "Criswell Predicts"?

I have it on the same album where she sings Great Balls of Fire and Light My Fire.

Tom Sutpen said...

I've heard Mae West's recording of "Light My Fire", but I wasn't even aware of "Criswell Predicts"

Uhhhh . . . I need to hear that.

Speaking of Shtars of yesterday making records, back in the mid-80s I heard about 30 seconds of a record Bette Davis had recorded that year; some ballad with a full orchestral accompaniment. I remember thinking her voice (you can imagine what it sounded like by then) had a definite species of ravaged beauty to it that was not unlike (dare I say it?) Billie Holiday's singing on "Lady in Satin"

That's one record I'd love to hear again.

swac said...

You haven't heard Criswell Predicts? Guess I'll have to do up a goodie bag to send back when my tape arrives. As for Bette Davis, I have a vinyl LP called Bette Sings that includes stuff like They're Either Too Young Or Too Old and of course I'm Sending A Letter To Daddy...maybe the track you're thinking of is on there. I'll check.

I also have Eddie Albert singing Bob Dylan and a whole album of Jim Nabors singing in character as Gomer Pyle called Shazam!