This Week's Hopper #3

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Early Sunday Morning (1930)


swac said...

Weird, I used to live in a building that looked exactly like this painting. It was an apartment over what used to be a hardware store back in the 30s-50s. But when I lived there it was an artsy pottery place.

Funnily enough, the pottery place is now a barber shop.

Macie said...

I just stumbled upon this posted image.

'Funnilier', my father had a barber shop in the 30's in NYC - I have a photo, and painting done from the photo, painted by my god father - the painting looks very much like this image 'Sunday Morning'.

If I knew how to do so, I would post the photo & painting images. Does the poster (Tom S) know where the painting came from, or who the artist is?

Mike Porta (

Tom Sutpen said...

The painting is by the American artist Edward Hopper, and it's actually one of his best-known, most-often reproduced works.

By "where the painting came from", do you mean where is it hanging (I believe it's still at the Whitney Museum of American Art, which acquired it not long after its completion), or what location, if any, did Hopper use as a model?

That I do not know, sorry to say.