Sex Education #24b:
The Easter Sunday Edition

Image hosted by
Frigid Hare
(Chuck Jones; 1948)

All right, it's more Bugs in drag . . . there's actually a whole webpage devoted to these images, folks, so this doesn't reflect any pathology of mine . . . but this one's a little less disturbing on this tranquil Easter Sunday than the impending rape image that Stephen posted (at least that's what it looks like. Eek!).


Rob said...

Bugs had a penchant for these transmogriphications early in his career, but as the the studio became more cautious, these seemed to wane. They were a genuine treat, and expanded the animator's range - I wish they had kept up the basic gag.

swac said...

Yeah, that Bugs and Porky frame does look a little like a sexual assault...I have a fondness for it anyway because Toronto nutjob Reg Hartt always used that same image on his posters for his "Sex and Violence Cartoon Show" which featured that particular short, among others. I remember seeing that image before I ever saw the actual short, which was no less shocking for it.

I don't know about Bugs losing his love of his feminine side...he does drag in later toons like Rabbit of Seville and What's Opera Doc, not to mention one of those great "Duck season! Rabbit season!" shorts. Heck, Bugs' Bonnets, which ends with Bugs and Elmer getting married (!) was 1956, which is right at the tail end of the classic Looney Tunes era.
Daffy was no slouch in drag either...there's that one toon where he dresses like a dancehall girl and can-cans to "The Latin Quarter" (the all-purpose saloon song in Looney Tunes). Too bad Porky couldn't pull it off...too damn masculine I guess.

Sam said...

Bugs still does the drag bit. I saw "Looney Toons: Back In Action" today and felt used. You know, as much as Joe Dante says that Warner Brother cartoons helped influenced him, he does a lousy diservice to the characters. I'm beginning to think that we may have really seen the last of Bugs after the death of Chuck Jones and the rise of a new show WB has called "Loonatics", which has the future desendants of the gang and gave them super powers. Shame, really...

swac said...

Well, at least Back in Action was a step up from Space Jam (and if that isn't damning with faint praise, I don't know what is). But Loonatics is a real travesty, from what I've seen of it. Mind you, it's Buzz Bunny, not Bugs Bunny, but it's just as bad as those Baby Toons they came up with a few years back.

If it makes you feel any better, here's a parody of Loonatics that made me chuckle, even if it does go on for a bit. Make sure the kiddies are out of the room.