Seminal Image #154

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(Kenneth Anger; 1947)


Rob said...

Elaborate onanism - no more, no less.

Tom Sutpen said...

Well put.

I admire a number of Anger's films. "Fireworks" is not one of them.

This is a propitious moment to insert that by no means do I like every film that gets inclded in this series (though I probably like 95% of them). For me, 'Seminal Image' is all about the image itself and, though I'm not a fan of "Fireworks" (it's too blatant a knock-off of the Cocteau model; not to mention loaded with symbology any half-wit can divine almost before they see it), I have to say this is a striking image from that film.

Rob said...

Yes, it is an interesting frame - a kind of demonic pieta.