Seminal Image #148:
The Easter Sunday Edition

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The King of Kings
(Cecil B. DeMille; 1927)

And while we're at it, here's a Relevant Quote where DeMille expresses his admiration for the Son of God's machismo in terms that might have turned the head of . . . well . . . John Wayne:

"All my life, I've wondered how many have been turned away from Christianity by the effeminate, sanctimonious, machine made Christ of Sunday school books. The Christ was actually a man with a body hard enough to withstand 40 days of fasting and long journeys on foot and nights of sleepless prayer, a man with a mind razor sharp, whose ranging thoughts measured the kingdoms of the world against the lilies in the field, a man who had compassion for sinners, and unleashed His anger and biting scorn only on the hyprocities who made a travesty of His father's temple. There could well have been a note of admiration in the voice of Pilate when he said of Him: 'Behold the Man!'."
-- Cecil B. DeMille

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swac said...

You know what they say...DeMille de merrier!