Seminal Image #130

The Story of Temple Drake
(Stephen Roberts; 1933)

I'd heard that in the upper echelon of lurid pre-code titles, The Story of Temple Drake, based on William Faulkner's Sanctuary, was a leading contender for the top spot. Naturally, the film is frustratingly unavailable, as a Paramount production now in the hands of Universal, which doesn't care about any old film that doesn't feature someone they can also sell on a t-shirt.

Eventually, I was able to latch onto a terrible VHS copy, and through the fuzzy images, bad sound and jumpy tracking I was able to discern that the film was everything I had been led to believe, as Miriam Hopkins plays a teasing Southern belle dragged through the dirt after she falls into the clutches of a hoodlum named Trigger (Jack La Rue). When it was announced that Paramount would be filming Faulkner's then-scandalous novel, declarations went out that this would destroy the moral fibre of the nation and be the most sinful production in motion picture history. Sounds good to me.

The scene above shows Temple at the backwoods hideout of a band of bootleggers, where she winds up after she and her date crash their car in the middle of nowhere. Downstairs, the men have been circling like vultures, practically salivating over the delicious blonde who's stumbled into their midst, until finally the girlfriend of one of them takes Temple out to the barn to sleep, where she's discovered in the morning by Trigger, who finally acts on his impulses and rapes her. Now in the novel, Trigger is impotent and he violates her with a corncob (hey, it is Faulkner), but in the film version, the Hays Office dictated that they didn't even want to see a corncrib in the background in the barn scene. Hopkins, previously tormented by a libidinous monster in Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde plays the scene in absolute terror, letting out a chilling scream as the scene fades to black, in a moment that would be a defining one in cinema, if anyone could actually see the damn thing.


Kingo Gondo said...

This film is near the top of my list films to see.

Goddamn studios.

hokkaidoabbey said...

Even more annoying is that it's entirely imaginable, even likely, that in the coming years a remake of this will appear, perhaps starring Elisha Cuthbert and Richard Gere, with a ghostly menacing watermark corncob featured on the promotion posters, and billed as a groundbreaking neo-feminist horror film. Even after Cuthbert and Gere win their Academy Awards, they still won't release the original.

You have a cool blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
Would you be willing to make a copy Of "Temple Drake" if I send you the price of a VHS tape? Contact me @

gary said...

I am trying to find a print to show in a Pre-Code series in San Francisco. It seems Fox owns the rights (maybe once bought for remake) and Universal might have a fie grain negative. UCLA has a nitrate print. Why can't they get togetehr and make a damn print. Anyone know of a collector's 16mm print?