Quo Vadis Crumb?

A comment was left anonymously a while ago linking to this story in the Guardian updating its readers on the expatriate American artist Robert Crumb; part of a series on his life and work.

I thought some of our visitors might be interested in partaking of it as well.

Our thanks to whomever posted the link.


Trish said...

Oh yeah. That was me, Trish. (I met Stephen once at one of those scrabble-related events at a bar). I didn't intentionally post as 'Anonymous', so much as I'm not accustomed to selecting 'Other' as my identity.

But yeah, I just happened to scan through this blog for the first time today and happened to have read that article just last night. It was a good read. I had to post it.


swac said...

Thanks Trish! I didn't make it to Scrabble night at Gus's Pub--just to give everyone else some insight into our sparkling social lives up here in Halifax--due to work and general tiredness, but next week, clean livin' will prevail. Provided I don't get completely gooned at the Carolyn Mark/Liederhosen Lucil/B.A. Johnston show on Saturday.