Prodotti #7

Amaro Gambarotta (1928)

I've read that this is an ad for a tuxedo maker. I'm not sure why they're implying that their tuxedos will make your right knee disappear...that man does not look happy with his clothing. However a little Googling reveals that Amaro Gambarotta is actually a brand of booze, which makes the whole "legless" thing a bit more plausible.


Tom Sutpen said...

Strange. First thing I thought of when I saw this was that it was an example of Art Deco European racial streotypin'. It looks a little like something that emerges from that pathology, anyway.

swac said...

There's enough of that in Italian Art Deco...scroll down to that orange soda ad that I ran previously (it's a little more blatant...although not as bad as the old Robertson Marmalade golliwogs).