Prodotti #2

Ad for Perugina chocolates, 1928

(At first glance I thought the ad said "Pervgina" which is a pretty filthy sounding name for a confectionary. And I'm still not sure what the figure portrayed in the ad is actually doing to that block of chocolate, but it looks vaguely unwholesome.)


Kerri Rachelle said...

"Pervgina"....oh my god, I'm laughing my ass off.

P. said...

He's vaulting over it. It was an Olympic year, also Anno VI (Year Six) by Mussolini's Fascist calendar.

The pointed form of U (which became the modern letter V) was standard ancient Roman style, much used in the Fascist Era -- and used by Gucci until recently (their publicity dept having presumably woken up to the fact that kids today don't know nothing).