Paramount Silents Do Exist!

They really do, y'know.

But your help is needed to spread the word.

Stephen's posting the 1927 Paramount Release Book entry on Lloyd's "Children of Divorce" reminded me that a regular visitor to these parts, David Boswell, was last week kind enough to send me a list of all the extant Paramount/Famous Players-Lasky Silent films. Since then I've been trying to figure a way we could get the list on the internet so we could provide a link to it. I mean, sure we could put the list here, but it would look crappy, and anyway it'll eventually cycle out of the main Blog page and stay buried in the archives . . . the one major drawback of blogging. I don't want that. I was looking for something more permanent and accessible to our visitors. There's probaby an easy solution for this but I'm damned seven ways from sundown (okay, that's a Universal picture) if I can think of it, hence the following shout-out to our peeps:

Any fellow Silent fanatics who might have some bandwidth to spare and wants to make some very valuable information public, get back to us.

Who knows? If we do this right, we might get Paramount to let a few of these off the leash.


Rob said...

I don't really understand Paramount. They are effed up.


Tom Sutpen said...

Some of these titles, to be fair, aren't specifically owned by Paramount any longer; in the sense that they've slipped into the Public Domain (and permitted to languish there). But many many have not. And they're being sat on . . . and sat on.

swac said...

If it's just a text file, I can find some space for it and provide a link. Hook me up, Sparky!

Tom Sutpen said...

Ah. Cooke to the rescue!

It's just a text file, not very big at all, but I've got it in a computer at work so I'll send it your way in about 90 minutes.

Good work, partner!

swac said...

11 years later, Children of Divorce is getting a release via Flicker Alley. Huzzah!

Supposedly Kino-Lorber are going to be able to release some Paramount silents in the near future, probably that bunch that was released on VHS a couple of decades back, but it's better than nothing I suppose.