Harlow to a T

Jean Harlow: The Girl from Missouri herself.

Born on this day in 1911, which would make her too old to contemplate.

Here's one of her more alluring poses: Aphrodite in Griffith Park.


swac said...

Jean Harlow died for our sins.

I'm not a Catholic, but this photo is setting off the "impure thought" alarm big time.

Tom Sutpen said...

I know whereof you speak.

If you've ever seen Charles Brabin's "Beast of the City", virtually all of Harlow's performance in the film is like that photo. She's like a floating cloud of sex...ruff

Rob said...

Great pic! Jean was just blatantly sensuous regardless of what she was wearing, or not, ;-) and this is actually the kind of shot that makes how patently obvious all the blondes that followed are out of their league. She could exite eunuchal things, like trees and rocks.