El Cine Del Oro #5

Fantasia Ranchera
(Juan Jose Segura, 1947)

I'm not sure what the hell is going on in this poster...what is she
chewing on? Maybe some mysteries are better left unanswered.


Kerri Rachelle said...

She's chewing on a piece of ripped fabric from her dress, all because she's leaning against some fucking cactus....Maria...YO STUPIDO!

Rob said...

Actually, she's chompin' on some raw peyote cactus!


swac said...

And here I was thinking she'd just bitten out the tongue of some hombre who'd done her wrong.

Tom Sutpen said...

Hmmm. To me it looks like she's tying off some desperate character just below frame.

Either that or her mom is busy down there with a pair of tweezers removing a big splinter from her calf.

That's quite an imagination I gots when I'm sick as a kennel fulla dogs, huh.