The Art of Communism #8

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Social Revolutioner's Party. You find your right in the struggle. (1917)


Rob said...

We may have to resurrect these, if things keep going the way they are.


swac said...

I keep thinking the guy in the poster is saying, "Hey fellas, c'mere and let me show you my Charlie Chaplin impersonation!"

Jay Wood said...

The inscription on the Globe says "Land and Will".

Tom Sutpen said...

Thanks for the translations, Jay! I'm semi-tempted to send you future entries so I can provide the appropriate captions.

Are you the guy who was translating these on Sheila O'Malley's blog, by any chance?

Jay Wood said...

Yes, I am Sheila's commenter. Please do send me whatever you'd like. I can read Russian very well, I can muddle through other Slavics and Lithuanian (I lived in the USSR, in Lithuania for a year, Russia for a year). I also speak Chinese a bit, so I'll do my best with whatver you have. Can't do Korean, though.

My email is

The banner is hard to read here, and the script is the old-prerevolutionary one, but I think the translation is missing a word:

"Social Revolutionary Party"

"In the struggle you find the right to freedom."

I think the last word is not "svoi" or "yours", but "svob" - short for freedom.