The Art of Cinema #41

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La Ilusión viaja en tranvía
(Luis Bunuel; 1954)


Rob said...

You outta pop some Mexican Golden Age posters up - Maria Felix's Dona Diabla, Jorge Negrete's El Fanfarron, Pedro Galindo's Espuelas de Oro, or some of those strangley twisted Tin Tan ones with the caricatured babes. There are some eye-popping graphics, for sure.


Tom Sutpen said...

Excellent idea, Rob.

You wouldn't happen to know offhand a site where I could find some of those, would you?

If not, I'll just go on the hunt as usual.


swac said...

I have some repros of Mexican movie posters. I totally forgot about them until now, and I'd love to put some of them up.

Gimme a day or two...

Rob said...

No real good images I'm afraid. All my good stuff is on my dead PC, awaiting fixin', and the commercial sites don't seem to have very good images for enlarging. Hope Steve can put 'em up - as a lad the charro image was all over the place on the Border, in AZ and CA, and shaped my impression of life south of the line. And IMHO, Senorita Felix's face is simply coldly, hauntingly, achingly, lovely.