The 5,000 Creatures of Dr. S

Theodor Geisel is dead and gone, but Dr. Seuss turns 101 today. I'll be going do-mi-do-ing in my do-mi-do duds.


Rob said...

My mother felt he was somewhat subversive because his stories made no sense to her, and never let us read his books at home, so I read 'em all at the school library. ;-) Green Eggs and Ham is one of the Great Books, IMNSHO. I later worked for many years with a woman who grew up down the street from the good Dr., and has many fond memories of him - especially at Halloween. His great drinking buddy was Raymond Chandler, who lived down the street. They were legendary in here San Diego, and they must've been a helluva pair to draw too.


swac said...

Seuss and Chandler out drinking?

Wow...I'm speechless.