A Woman Fit For The Devil's Temptation

Simone Simon: 1910-2005


Tom Sutpen said...

Eek. I didn't know this. This is one of those very rare instances where I can utter that classically phillistine phrase, "I thought she was already dead"

What's that "Woman fit for the Devil's Temptation" line from, Stephen?

Tom Sutpen said...


Is that from the "All That Money Can Buy" publicity, perchance?

swac said...

I made it up...but I was thinking of The Devil and Daniel Webster, a.k.a. All That Money Can Buy. And yes, I thought she was dead too.

I know she gets a lot of credit for Cat People, but dang she was simmering in TD&DW. The first time I saw the full length cut of that...well, it was a serious shock to the shammies.