When Men Were Men #1

(From An Autographed Who's Who of the Screen, 1930)

"I come from a family of soldiers and I ran away from home during the Boer War to enlist in the Life Guards. I added a few years to my age so that they would admit me. After the war, I found myself in Canada where I worked at anything I could get to do. I had boxed and wrestled in the army, so before long I was champion boxer of Eastern Canada. Purses were small in those days, so I joined up with a medicine show and later with a wild west show. My partner and I soon were fed up with this and we hooked up with the Pantages vaudeville circuit. After a season of this, I went back to boxing and once fought Jack Johnson in a no-decision bout. Since then I have traveled in Hawaii, the Fiji Islands, Tahiti, Australia and even joined the gold rush to Kalgoorlie, but couldn't seem to find any gold. I heard about the World War in Capetown and enlisted. After the war I made pictures in England and a cable from J. Stuart Blackton brought me to this country to play in 'The Beloved Brute.' My role of Captain Flagg in 'What Price Glory' brought me a long-term contract with Fox. My first all-talking picture was 'The Black Watch,' which was followed by 'The Cock-Eyed World.' I have an Arabian valet whom I picked up in the desert near Bagdad." - Victor McLaglen


Rob said...

Christ, he had a helluvan iinteresting life. For plug-ugly with a lot of physical talent, he went a long way. I had forgotten about his Jack Johnson bout - that's like Eastwood dukeing it out with Ali, but we all know how that would've ended.


Robert said...

I have looked for a copy of The Beloved Brute for some time with no success. If anyone knows if there is such, please email me.
I have a complete copy of still photos of the movie.
Glenn Cooper