Something to Read #2

My friend Saul Symonds has posted two excellent new pieces of criticism on his "Light Sleeper" film review site that I think visitors to this blog, particularly those oriented toward cinephilia, might like to give a read; hence this recommendation.

First up (and quite timely, sad to say) is a review of Wayne Ewing's "Breakfast With Hunter" (2003), a documentary on the now-late journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Saul informs me that he'd just completed the review . . . while nursing a hangover (now there's dedication!) . . . when he got the news of Thompson's suicide. Another instance where none is needed that serendipity can play a part even in a racket like film criticism.

Second . . . and this piece I give an only slightly more enthusiastic recommendation . . . is "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement; or a Note on Abberant Sexual Fetishism in the Chick Flicks of Garry Marshall". This is one of the best pieces of Saul's that I've read to date; an inquiry both historically sound and irreverent (two conditions which have been segregated out of so-called serious film writing over time) into the almost involuntary ways twisted sexual matters poke through the surface of the most outwardly unlikely works.

While you're on his site, take a look at some of his other reviews. You won't be wasting your time, I can avow.


swac said...

Hmmm...I see Saul avoids discussing Exit to Eden. I supposed in an essay about fetishism that would be like pointing a Winchester into a barrel marked "herring".

Tom Sutpen said...

Turns out, as I suspected, that Saul didn't want to point to above the radar examples of fetishism in Garry Marshall's work; just those that peek out at us where we least expect it.

You know, Saul actually watched (and rewatched) a number of Garry Marshall films to prepare for that article. I've heard of getting your hands dirty, but that's beyond the call of duty, y'ask me.