Selling the Silents #1

Taken from the Paramount release book, 1927.

"The most amazing and ultra-modern picture ever made. A drama of New York a hundred years from now, produced on a stupendous scale by the makers of Variety, with all the realism that made Variety popular and, in addition, effects that stagger the imagination. Audiences will talk about it for years to come."

What, no robot? That's like trying to promote Jaws and leaving out the shark. No wonder Metropolis was a flop in North America.


Tom Sutpen said...


Since this is a family blog, I won't specify what I'm referring to, but I've seen posters for Porn films in the 70s that weren't as suggestive as that thing.

Those German Expressionists and their twisted minds!

Anonymous said...

Metropolis was about a robot - it was created to replace Maria the heroine of the story.