Relevant Quote #44

"Let me state once and for all that this self-confident cripple was the most powerful hypnotist I have ever seen in my life. It was pretty plain now that he threw dust in the public eye and advertised himself as a prestidigitator on account of police regulations which would have prevented him from making his living by the exercise of his powers. The audience laughed and applauded as they followed the grotesque details; shook their heads, clapped their knees, fell very frankly under the spell of this stern, self-assured personality."
-- Thomas Mann


Dan said...

Clinton was just another in a long line of marionettes with strings pulled by the powerful and wealthy. What a joke it is to have to choose between a few fellows able to raise the multi-million $ price of admission just to play the presidential race game. That old movie "A Face In The Crowd" proves as fresh today as when it was made. - also, I really liked your Poetry Corner #5, the lyrics/poetry reminded of Guthrie.

Tom Sutpen said...

I was a little hesitant posting this entry, since it might lead people to think I'm a Republican or something of that stripe, which I'm not.

Politically I'm pretty firmly on the Left; which is all the more reason for me to despise Bill Clinton. Forget about his endless mendacity and general phoniness; forget (if you can) his using women like Kleenex or his never having, to this day, denied raping a woman in Arkansas when he was Atty. Gen. down there. Our first White Trash President sold out any hope for a Progressive agenda in the Democratic party more systematically than any Chief executive who emerged from it; and for no reason other than attracting Big Money donors and credulous dopes who can legally vote so he could hold onto the job for another four years. He cared about nothing; he believed in nothing but his own ambitions and his own appetites.

Yeah. I know Bush is a whole lot worse in so many ways. That's true. But people in this country knew what they were getting when they voted for that cretin. He is what he is and he can't hide it to save his life. Clinton, on the other hand, would say and do anything, and I don't mean just to get elected. He gave everything he touched a bad name.

Kinky Friedman's "Sold American" is, I think, one of the most beautiful, near poetic lyrics ever written. Song lyrics (even Guthrie's) rarely work on the page, but this is one of the few that does; and that's why I felt it wasn't too big a stretch to enter it in that series.

swac said...

Plus his idea of great jazz is the Dave Brubeck Quartet...I mean, come on.

Brent McKee said...

Oddly enough Stephen (Tom wouldn't know this), reading the Thomas Mann quote brought a different face to my mind - Pierre Elliot Trudeau. I was not a fan but the man could sell salty snacks to someone in the desert begging for water.