Orpheus Goes Curmudgeon

Bob Dylan sounds off on them young whippersnapper musicians in a story from the venerable New Musical Express. Like a lot of music journalism these days, it's light on detail in all the wrong places, but there's an interesting tidbit at the end about what looks to be a documentary trainwreck impending later this year.


J Linwood said...

Bob is also a keen movie fan having lifted snatches of dialogue from several films and incorporated them into his song lyrics.


Tom Sutpen said...

Jim, this is amazing stuff, truly. I remember the brief punch-up that occurred when it was discovered Dylan had supposedly lifted half the lyrics on "Love & Theft" from some Japanese novel. But this is different; and tere's too much here for it to be one massive coincidence.

The finding is inescapable: Bob Dylan, like me, like Stephen, like a lot of us . . . has simply seen too many movies!!!With your permission, I'd like to add add a link to your site to the sidebar.

On behalf of Stephen and myself, thanks for this info.

J Linwood said...

Thanks for the kind words about my site which is continually growing as I and others see more old films on TV.

Please feel free to add a link to the site.