Like Dylan in the Movies

For people preternaturally obsessed with Bob Dylan and his music (as I've been virtually my entire life), an extraordinary website has just come to my attention.

Jim Linwood, who I vaguely know from my days in Usenet, has compiled an amazing amount of evidence to support the conclusion that Bob Dylan, like me, like Stephen, like so many of us . . . has simply seen too many movies!! As I say, Jim has gathered data from a variety of sources and offers it to us in one website; proof of lyrical echoes in Dylan's work from the dialogue in 48 films as diverse in intent and quality as "A High Wind in Jamaica", "The Lineup", "Show Boat", and "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" (a large number of them films featuring Humphrey Bogart).

For Dylan fanatics, born and bred, Jim's site is worth at least a couple of visits.