An Idle Question

Perhaps it's a matter of personal taste . . . in fact, I'm certain it is . . . but does anyone else feel, as I do, that the "Blogs of Note" which our hosts at Blogger showcase on the homepage are some of the least noteworthy blogs out there?


Stratu said...

I agree with you. It seems our hosts are mainly interested in design flair and consistence of theme. I mean, 'All Things Dunkin' Donuts'? God Almighty.

Tom Sutpen said...

Also, if this is the standard for bloging excellence they wish to promote, they have a terribly whitebread and coy outlook on this enterprise. The blogs I like to read are a mixture of personal observations and other, less personal matters; rendered with a little flair and irreverence.

By the way, I don't hold this blog up as any kind of standard.

It is what it is.