Housekeeping Matter #8: The Real Sam Johnson Show

A few hours ago, this blog received a quite generous . . . perhaps too generous, considering the general absence of text . . . recommendation from Sam Johnson, blogmaster of "The Real Sam Johnson Show"; which I happily recommend to all visitors to these shores. Sam's blog is consistently entertaining, unpretentious (something that can't be said for a lot of blogs . . . even this one from time to time, in all condor) and worthy of repeat visits.

In an email to me a few hours ago . . . yes, I'm an insomniac. What of it? . . . Sam marvelled at my having asked him to link this effort to his. As I said in response, I only ask to link to blogs that I truly like. There's a million and one blogs and websites out there I could link to that would no doubt better reflect the preoccupations of this. But I'm only interested in linking to blogs and sites that I personally get something out of; be that enjoyment, information, diversion, whatever.

Sam's blog is one of them. And, like everything else on the sidebar, linking to it was, for me, a no-brainer.

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