The Cool Hall of Fame #6

Joe DiMaggio

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Rob said...

Hanging around the Pink Pony during spring training in Scottsdale in the '60s, we saw him a coupla times up close and personal, and he was almost majesterial. He was one ballplayer we recognized without a uniform and cap on, and what a snappy dresser! Hard for kid like me to dare ask him anything, so my old man had to take my Little League bat over to have him autograph it. Little did I know how rare this occurence was. Joe was very serious when he told my bro and me to take care of it, but we figured it was now a lucky bat, so we hit a few dingers with it over the next season or two, and it always traveled in my bat bag, marks and all. Needless to say, it has a hallowed place in my home, now. God had breathed on it.