Housekeeping Matter #2: The 'Seminal Image' Series

When I started this blog back in October, I had a vague plan to post a series of stills that would more or less reflect the history of Cinema (my first and only love . . . go ahead, try an' make somethin' out of it) chronologically. If you've visited more than once you've noticed the stills that comprise the "Seminal Image" series. While I like posting these images . . . though I'll admit, some of them could be more striking . . . the chronological format is starting to wear on me somewhat. It was with the last one; a still from Leo McCarey's "The Awful Truth" that I decided the series had started becoming mechanical and I'd better think of something else.

For now, I'm just going to approach these postings more randomly; starting with the next one. I'm also going to start identifying the films from which they're derived; something I didn't want to do before out of some misguided idea of an image's 'purity' (why, it doesn't need identification . . . ). Screw purity. If an image I post is compelling enough to get you to want to see the film it comes from, then I ought to let you know what film that is, oughtn't I.

Oh, and to answer a couple of emails I got over the weekend (which I'll relate in some detail in another post, because it's just too surreal): No. I'm not gonna be posting anymore pictures of myself on this blog. Nixon? Yes. Me? No.

Take my word for it, you're better off this way.

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