A Portrait for Jack Stalnaker

Tuesday Weld, when she was never lovelier
(thanks for the link, Jack)


Anonymous said...

Tuesday's child is fair of face...*sigh*


Richard Gibson said...

That is a nice picture. I like the one of her on the cover of the Matthew Sweet album Girlfriend.


Tom Sutpen said...

That's the portrait I was hunting for initially, Richard; the one Matthew Sweet used on "Girlfriend". I couldn't find it, though, so I went with this one (which is just as beautiful . . . damn, she was cute back in the day, huh). I have another one (in B&W) which might be even better, but I wanted something in color. I'll probably post that one in due course.

Richard Gibson said...

I did a quick Google image search and couldn't find it either. I found a site for Matthew Sweet fans which says he had to change the name of his record to accommodate her.